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Accountability, Flexibility and Visibility Made Easy

ContractURL’s contract administration software eases the burden for contract administrators who spend a lot of time coordinating and ensuring the accuracy and integrity of contract execution. We streamline tasks and aggregate detailed data for on-demand accounting and reporting.

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Maintain the integrity of reviews and approvals

Contract administration assures the integrity of the contract review and approval process which inherently comes with coordination challenges. The ContractURL intuitive interface enables contract administration to manage one or more accounts, managers or approvers and keeps everything in sync. Once a contract is set up and activated, ContractURL takes over to control the flow of events from charge processing through invoice submission and verifies all attendant controls at each step. Our contract administration software provides:

  • Accountability and task status in real time
  • Seamless integration with financial systems 
Input, Track, Report, Repeat

Manage multiple contracts seamlessly

As the list of projects, contractors, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers grows, ContractURL makes it simple to manage everything in one place. We reduce the risk of human error and provide detailed data of every aspect of a program. Here’s how we help:

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