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The ContractURL™ Efficient
Monitoring Approach

Are vendors, suppliers and contractors adhering to contractual limits, and if so, in detail? Staying on top of the detail could require many hands and eyes to check each invoice. The good news is ContractURL™ solves this common management problem in contract administration.

The ContractURL™ software manages contract details in as little or as much detail as you wish to control – ensuring that Invoices and billings adhere to contracted rates and schedules. ContractURL™ even tracks prior authorizations to incur costs against specific services, and enable easy reporting on asset, events and persons supported in those services. All billing activities are shared by contractors and the paying entity easily.

For more detailed accounting, ContractURL™ software tracks funding sources, identified by the General Ledger and Project Codes used in your accounting domain.

Setup Contract

Setup Service Line Items, Milestones, Deliverables and Instructions on Billing

Activate Monitoring

Notify Contractors Automatically and Authorize Services

Capture Charges

Capture Charges and compare to contract and fund limits

Submit Invoices

Create Error Free Invoices from Charges

Aprove Payment

Route Through Review and Approval Workflow

Send to Financial Systems

Code Journals for Accounting System


  • Easy, time-saving setup
  • Engage contractors easily around contractual agreements
  • Efficiently scale your contractor network


  • Maintain and share processing status up-to-the-moment
  • Improve contract workflow communications


  • Ensure contracts and payments are always in sync
  • Detect and avoid accounting errors early
  • Create accountability with detailed audit trail

ContractURL™ User Benefits

Easy Setup

Get up and running quickly; invite the ContractURL™ contractor network – or start reporting in minutes if you were invited to join the ContractURL™ ecosystem.

Intuitive Interface

Easily navigate the intuitive dashboard with complete control to gain the valuable insight you need.

Team or Solo

Manage solo or with a team with defined, customizable roles.

Detailed Monitoring

Monitor contracts in as much detail as required to retain process control.


Activate instant notifications and timely messaging to communicate with vendors.


Take control of contract fulfillment by restricting services to only those you authorize.


Track detailed reporting status of services, corporate or departmental goals, programs and funds.


Integrate into your payment or financial domain with no required modifications to your existing systems.

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